Berolina's cakes are hand crafted and filled with our own homemade mousses, custards, or real whipped cream: created to look as good as they taste.

Visit our shop to enjoy our growing selection of fine European pastries. Have you ever enjoyed Berolina's signature cake, our renowned Swedish “Princess” cake, or our famous Black Velvet, a decadent flourless chocolate cake?

We also sell them in individual portions. You will also find mouthwatering fresh fruit tarts filled with real vanilla custard, and topped with strawberries, raspberries, and assorted tropical fruit or tarts with fresh pear baked in French almond creme.

Feast your eyes and tickle your taste buds with a delicate espresso chocolate tart, Napoleon, cannoli, chocolate eclair, or our unique Budapest. Try the traditional favorites, the Swedish specialties, or our own unique creations, the selection is endless.

You will savor every tasty bite of our delicious cakes and pastries.